Rhythm Quest Devlog 11 — Odds and Ends

Controls tutorial


if (controlScheme == "Keyboard") {
// Show keyboard tutorial #1
} else if (controlScheme == "Touch") {
// Show touch tutorial #1
// Wait for player input...if (controlScheme == "Keyboard") {
// Hide keyboard tutorial #1
} else if (controlScheme == "Touch") {
// Hide touch tutorial #1
// In the main controlling script:
// Wait for player input...Tutorial1.Hide();// In the Tutorial1 script:
public void Show() {
// Fade our alpha value to 1.
LeanTween.alphaCanvas(Canvas, 1.0f, 1.0f);
// In the child:
void Update() {
// Key our position off of the alpha value in some way?
_transform.anchoredPosition = Vector2.Lerp(_offset, Vector2.zero, _tutorial.Canvas.Alpha);

Schedules and transitions

More jump arc adjustments

Timing leniencies

Automatic UI navigation linking

Saving input rebinds

Steam/Discord integration

Trimming trailing audio silence



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