Rhythm Quest Devlog 28 — WebGL Port, Checkpoint Graphics

Checkpoint Animations

Flag Raising

Checkpoint Particles

WebGL Port and Demo Build Considerations

Addressables and Resource Management

Synchronous Addressable Loads

IEnumerator SomeCoroutine() {
// Kick off the Addressables load operation
var asyncHandler = Addressables.LoadAssetAsync(pathToAudioClip);

// Wait for completion...
yield return asyncHandler;

// Do something with the result
_myAudioSource.clip = asyncHandler.Result;
void Start() {
var asyncHandler = Addressables.LoadAssetAsync(pathToAudioClip);
// Synchronous blocking call
_myAudioSource.clip = asyncHandler.WaitForCompletion().Result;

// (Rest of initialization)

Debugging WebGL Audio




9-bit chiptune artist and indie game developer — http://ddrkirby.com/

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9-bit chiptune artist and indie game developer — http://ddrkirby.com/

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