Rhythm Quest Devlog 29 - Level Select Rework

Iterations and Experiments

I wasn’t sure whether crossfading between the different level backdrops was the right idea. The character remains in the center of the screen (something else I wasn’t sure about), so it might not look like anything is actually moving (?). Instead of crossfading, I considered doing a transition that didn’t have the backdrops blending into each other. Something like a wipe effect. I tried that very briefly:

Reintroduction of Medals

Okay, so I was just going to make people flip through levels one by one — probably not a big deal, since there are only 5 levels in a world, and the game will automatically select the last unlocked level in a world that you’re going through. However, the point remained that the new UI was missing a way to judge the completion of many different levels/worlds at a glance. I wanted something to visually incentivize that completionist mindset of clearing / 100%ing all of the levels.

Demo Promo Screen

One other thing I threw together is a little promo screen to put into the demo version of the game:

Switch Port

Just a quick update on the Nintendo Switch port of Rhythm Quest — so far it’s going pretty well! I haven’t reimplemented save/load functionality (currently disabled), I still have to do a new controls tutorial, and there’s other stuff about input handling to rework, but the actual game itself is running great! You can see a little bit of an FPS drop when you transition between different levels in the menu (lots of full-screen layers with transparency all drawn at the same time), which I might have to look at (maybe using an alpha test shader?), but otherwise it’s going pretty well so far. I’ve already done some preliminary easy performance optimizations and load time optimizations which seemed to have help things along.



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