Rhythm Quest Devlog 34 — Level 4–1, Water Mechanic

Water Zone Rework

It’s been a long time since the water mechanic has made an appearance! I initially prototyped this almost an entire year ago, where it looked like this:

World 4 Music Theming

Going into world 4, I knew that I wanted to try utilizing pentatonic scales as a musical style choice, but I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted to differentiate the world instrumentation-wise. My previous attempt was straight 9-bit chiptune, but I wanted something a bit more distinct (I really like how world 2 turned out with its “airy/lush” instrumentation to set it apart).

Level Graphics

A couple of things to note about the visual design for this world/level:



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9-bit chiptune artist and indie game developer — http://ddrkirby.com/