Rhythm Quest Devlog 35 — Level 4–3

Water Zone Charting

In this level I started to experiment with some new charting sequences involving the water zones. In particular, I have this section, which features rolling spike enemies intermixed with short water zones:

Water/Speed Zone Bugfixes

I won’t dive into the details, but part of getting this level to function properly was going through and refactoring some of the logic behind water and speed zones — particularly as they relate to jumping and jump durations/jump arcs.

Level Backdrops

Not too much to say about the level backdrops here. It took me a while to settle on this particular combination of elements (the first few things I tried looked really bad), but you can see that I’m using the same themes of having translucent clouds along with bright colors against a dark background, plus some geometric shapes floating in the air. I’ve reused those floating shapes twice now, so I’ll need to make sure I change things up for the next level I make in world 4.

Moving Forward

This stage was originally going to be level 4–2, with level 4–3 introducing the speed zones mechanic. However, after playing through this level, I think it’s a bit too hard and bumped it to be level 4–3 instead. I’ll have to fill in the gaps with a different level 4–2…and that also throws out my original plan of introducing the speed zones in this world.



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