Rhythm Quest Devlog 37 — Menu Tweaks, Shop Rework

Legal/Accounting Stuff

That’s right, everyone’s favorite thing to deal with! (laughs) For a multitude of reasons I decided to form an LLC (limited liability corporation) to sell my game, as opposed to having it just be tied to me as an individual. This is pretty standard practice and if you deal with some form of side-business on a regular business it’s often recommended to keep business accounting separate from your personal money.

UI Layout Scaling

Okay, back to stuff that I can post images about :)

Aspect Ratio Handling

I also tweaked how the game handles screens of different aspect ratios. Previously, the camera and UI only looked at the height of the screen (not the width) when deciding scale. This means that in order to support 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios (I know it’s hard to believe, but some of us still use these…), I had to ensure that the UI fit safely into the lowest aspect ratio (5:4). This typically meant that most screens had a lot of empty padding on the left and right:

Shop Rework

Astute readers will notice that in the screenshots of the new main menu above, the “Shop” button is curiously missing! In my experience with playtests, the shop menu was too out of the way for people to notice while playing. You have to drill all the way back out to the main menu in order to shop, so most people just continued to play levels without ever spending any coins (unless I explicitly pointed it out).



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