Rhythm Quest Devlog 38 — Level 4–2

Shop Rework Update

Last week I wrote about an experiment where I moved the in-game shop to fill one of the spots on the level select screen:

Level 4–2

Other than that, I spent the rest of the week finishing level 4–2 (along with grinding more ALTTPR for the tournament I’m in…). As is becoming customary, here’s a full video of that in action:

Music Design

For the music, I’m again going with the theme of more “mystical” sounding instruments, while keeping to a pentatonic scale. I used a distinctive bottle blow instrument to kick things off, and then there’s also some soft sweeping pads that come in after the intro:


For the backdrops I went with a bunch of fluffy trees (cherry blossoms?). This is a bit of a departure from levels 4–1 and 4–3, which were both more “spacey” in vibe, with darker backgrounds, but for some reason I just had these style of trees on the mind.



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