Rhythm Quest Devlog 39 — Demo Build Work

Release Date

Probably not too surprising to anyone (least of all me), but the estimated release date for Rhythm Quest has been pushed back from “Late 2022 (?)” to “Early 2023 (?)”. Note the question mark ;P

Webserver Testing

This is a silly small thing, but I finally set up an =actual= webserver (nginx) on my computer to test my websites and WebGL builds locally. Previously I was just using python’s simple http server functionality, which works perfectly fine…except it can’t handle the gzip compression and associated headers for Unity WebGL builds. So now I just have my localhost webserver start on boot and I can navigate to any of the websites I work on locally (rhythmquestgame.com, ddrkirby.com, cocoamoss.com, katmengjia.com) and test them out without having to kick off a python process. Probably something I ought to have done earlier, to be honest, but eh.

WebGL Demo Work

It had been a long time since I had played around with the WebGL demo build, so I decided to plug away at that this week. At some point, I ran it and it looked like this:

Updated Notices

I’ve also updated some of the text notice screens in the game, for example this one that comes up if you’re playing a WebGL build:

WebGL Audio Scheduling

I wrote in a previous devlog about some of the issues I had to work around in order to get a functional WebGL build up and running, including the fact that audio scheduling seemed to be broken (specifically, AudioSource.PlayScheduled seemed to always just play audio immediately on WebGL). I checked at the beginning of the week and Unity has since fixed this issue!………sort of. AudioSource.PlayScheduled seems to work now, but unfortunately if you want to start the play head midway through an audio clip, you’re outta luck as that still doesn’t work. Bleh.

Demo Save Data/Achievements

I started setting up the demo version of the app on Steamworks (yay!), and while I was going through that, a couple of other things occurred to me to clean up:



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