Rhythm Quest Devlog 40 — Particles and Menu Tweaks

Steam Next Fest

I also recently received an email invitation to Steam Next Fest, where upcoming Steam games can show off their demos and host livestreams. This will be happening October 3–10, which works out pretty nicely for me in terms of timing, so hopefully it’ll be a chance to get a bunch more eyes on Rhythm Quest :)

Particle Effects

For quite a long time now I’ve had a bunch of placeholder “white square” particles in the game:

Shop Tweaks

The shop coin count and icon in the upper-right now animate whenever you clear a level or beat your previous high score:

Menu Tweaks

I’ve restructured a lot of the settings menus — I decided to use more of a hierarchy and put a lot of settings into submenus that you can drill down into. This makes it a little more unwieldy in terms of having more screens that you need to go through (in particular I’m sad that lag calibration is no longer a primary menu item) but cleans up the initial menu a bit and I think is more logical, without creating a ton of additional work for me.

Screen Filters

This probably wasn’t necessary for me to implement right here and now, but since I was already working on a bunch of setting stuff, I went ahead and knocked out a todo item that I had for implementing backdrop filters for increasing readability if you find the backgrounds too colorful / distracting:



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