Rhythm Quest Devlog 41 —More Demo Polish

Calibration UI Tweaks

One thing that came up during testing is multiple people not quite understanding the intended usage of the calibration UI and tapping every 4th beat instead of on every beat:

More Settings Menus

I’ve been continuing to clean up some of the settings menus even more…for example, I’ve added a new submenu for configuring haptic feedback (vibration/rumble), which shows only for mobile and switch (I haven’t found gamepad rumble to feel very good):

Gamepad Tutorial

Gamepad has been supported as an input method for a long time, but I’ve only recently gotten around to making the separate tutorial dialogs for it:

Audio Cue Rework

A long time ago I added an audio cue system that allows visually-impaired persons to play Rhythm Quest. This has been pretty half-baked for a while, and I felt bad having only a janky single on/off toggle in the “Accessibility” menu, so I went and gave it some more attention:

Backdrops and Screenshots

I’ve added some more variety in the menu backdrops as well, rather than just using the level 1–1 set for everything:

Other Stuff…

I’ve done a bunch of other miscellaneous work as well:

  • Setup the build deployment pipeline for demos (Steam, itch.io)
  • Audio volume now starts at 70% by default instead of 100%, to give you room to adjust both ways
  • Fixed links not opening properly on mouse clicks for WebGL builds
  • Had to downgrade Unity because newer versions inexplicably drop mouse input near the upper-right corner of the window =/
  • Made a new public changelog listing separate from my internal changelogs
  • etc…



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