Rhythm Quest Devlog 44 — Steam Next Fest

Dev Livestream

The livestream event itself went off mostly without a hitch (I say “mostly” because I initially botched the date when scheduling the Steam event, oops), and it seemed like everyone was excited to see all of the content that I had to show off, which included everything I’ve made thus far (so, much more than than what’s featured in the public demo). You can view the video for that below:

Increased Visibility

While the livestream was great to do, it seems like the real consequence of Steam Next Fest has been increased public visibility for my game — it seems like a lot more people are getting their hands on the demo (and consequently giving the game a wishlist). This was great to see, and I garnered more wishlists through this period than any other in the project’s history, managing to recently surpass 4,000 wishlists:

Mouse Cursor Hiding

Based on some comments that I’ve been seeing floating around, it seems like more people are playing the game with their mouse than I initially expected. I imagine this is partly because people are more inclined to click on buttons than interact with them via keyboard nowadays — doubly so for the WebGL demo — so they get funneled into the mouse version of the UI flow (though the UI will change wording based on whichever input device you’re using). I saw some requests for the ability to hide the mouse cursor, so I’m adding a new option for that in the settings menu:



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