Rhythm Quest Devlog 45 — Alpaca, Localizations


I’ve got a new set of character animations in the game! I actually went to see some alpacas at a farm not too long ago, and decided it would make for a cute new character:

Community Localizations

Over on the Rhythm Quest Discord we had some interest in translations of the game, so I decided to put together a quick and dirty google sheet for people to openly contribute translations as they like. This is more of a temporary solution than anything else — in the future I’ll need to either appoint specific people to manage each language’s translations, or simply use a professional service — but the demo text has already been fully translated into 7 other languages, which is awesome to see. Those have been pulled into Unity and should be available in my next demo update, which I’m sure will be a welcome addition since I know I’ve got quite a few international players interested in the game.


First off, the pixel font that I’m using throughout the game is Softsquare / “Soft square cakes” from Chevy Ray’s pixel font pack. It’s a fine font, but unfortunately it’s missing versions of letters with all of the diacritics, so it can’t render characters like á, è, ö, ñ, and all that, not to mention stuff like ¡, ¿, and even ß. I have a fallback font for unicode characters (including East Asian glyphs), but it would be nice to have these written in the same style as the other English letters.

Unicode Pixel Font Sizing

While diacritics render “not well, but alright” at 1x scale using a pixel font, unicode characters like East Asian glyphs are just plain unreadable at this scale with my current unicode pixel font:



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